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Mo-Ark Classic Chevy Club

About Us

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Who we are!


The Mo - Ark Classic Chevrolet Club (Mo-ArkCCC),  a local chapter of the National Impala Association, National Chevy Association, Late Great Chevys, Bowtie Chevys, and YesterYears Chevys , is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and maintenance of all 1949 - 1972 Full Size Chevrolet automobiles. These models include the Bel Air, Biscayne, Caprice, 58 Delray, 59-60 El Camino, 58-61 Nomad, Sedan Delivery and the best selling automotive nameplate of all time, the Impala


If you own a classic full-size Chevy as listed above, are looking to acquire one, need restoration assistance, looking for parts, or simply enjoy the companionship of Chevy enthusiasts then the Mo-ArkCCC is for you.


The Missouri Arkansas Classic Chevy Club also known as MO-ArkCCC was formed in November 2002 and was accepted as an Charter/Affilate Club of the National Associations listed through out our website in Febraury/March 2003. The Mo-ArkCCCserves Chevrolet enthusiasts from  Missouri and Arkansas. Also anyone residing in Oklahoma or Kansas is welcome to participate & join. People from outside the region may join irregardless of residence location with the understanding all meetings and activities will be held in Missouri or Arkansas


We believe in the Family participation concept and support our National Association affiliations with attendance availability at National & Regional Conventions as individual travelers or in caravans.


One of the main goals will be to host Chevrolet Car Shows & Swap meets, host Regional Conventions, help members in various ways with their project needs, have social events like dances, Road Rally's, Scenic Trips, Historical event participation and create an environment of super friendships.


Mo-ArkCCC will have 4 to 6 main director/membership meetings which will be held each year in different cities in and around South Western Missouri and North West Arkansas, so all members can have a chance to attend without traveling excessive distances. Other club functions such as meetings, shows, and conventions will also be held in this general region as well.  


These meetings will be listed in the MoArkCCC Newsletter, "Bowtie Bulletin" as well as here on our homepage


So don't hesitate; please download and  fill out the application on the application page and return it today to become a part of our exciting organization!


Do you know anyone else who may be interested in information about our organization? Please provide us with an address and we will happily mail them some information about the organization.           



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